About Kiev apartments

Paying hundreds of dollars for having to stay at primitive and noisy hotels, which are often not the safest of places, is probably not what you were looking for when you came to the Ukraine. We believe quality should be as much of a priority as accessibility. This is why we are committed to providing our customers with the finest service at prices 30-40% lower than in most 4* Kyiv hotels.

Sherborne Guest House is a small private hotel, which offers luxurious apartments in the centre of Kyiv for daily rent. Being the first company in the field, we are by far the most experienced. Our commitment, combined with an emphasis on quality, rather than quantity, will see you to a truly pleasant and relaxing stay, and ultimately a visit which will be worth remembering.

Sherborne Guest House is a subdivision of the Sherborne Group, whose aim is to specifically help customers who have come to the Ukraine to find their future partners. Staying in a new country may not be the easiest of things, let alone if the visit is your first. Undoubtedly, the most important stage in the development of any relationship is the first date, which you have finally arranged, after extensive correspondence and many hours on the phone. Such a trip can be very exhaustive both morally and physically, and, sadly but often true, will come with a price tag to match. However, most difficulties experienced by many, can be avoided by organising your stay appropriately.

One of the main challenges is finding somewhere to stay during your visit - a place that is safe, comfortable, one that will duly respect your privacy and preferably not be a hit on your wallet.

Very few hotels can match these criteria. Fewer places still, will go the extra mile to take care of the countless other aspects of your trip, which are nevertheless just as important. Airport transfers, tickets booking, restaurant and opera reservation - all this takes time, money and sanity, which you would rather spend enjoying the actual trip.

Our job is to take the hard work off your shoulders and let you concentrate on what is really important. From the second you step off the airplane, you can be sure this journey will be full of peace and tranquillity. And guess what - your wallet will enjoy it too!