Ukraine Visa support

Citizen of the European Union, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Japan, Canada and United States of America do not require an entry visa to enter Ukraine.

Citizen of all other countries require a visa to enter the Ukraine. Visas cannot be granted at the airport upon arrival, thus you will need to visit your nearest Ukrainian embassy before you set off. Bear in mind that you will usually receive a single entry visa, and if you've been to the Ukraine before, make sure that your visa is still valid before you travel. In any case, consulting the embassy is always a good idea to avoid any misunderstandings.

As a leisure traveler, you will need the following three documents to receive the visa: a letter of invitation, booking confirmation and the certificate of the company that has invited you. Citizens of certain countries will only need the booking confirmation (please consult your Ukrainian embassy for the complete list).

As our customer, you have the benefit of receiving a visa support package or booking confirmation, which will allow you to receive the visa. In order to receive the invitation or booking confirmation, you will need to complete the reservation order and prepay your first night with us. You will need a valid credit card, which will be used to secure your reservation, as well as to prepay the first night. As soon as you complete the order, the invitation pack or booking confirmation will be sent to you. Please note, however, that after the payment has been made, and you decide to either cancel or change your reservation, the fee will not be refunded. In case your Ukrainian Embassy requires the complete package, we will also need the following details in order to send your invitation:

  • full name
  • citizenship
  • date of birth
  • passport number, issue date and issuing authority
  • exact dates of your stay in the Ukraine

Our customers usually receive their visas 2-4 days after applying, however, in some cases this procedure can take up to a week.

Again, we strongly urge you to get in touch with the embassy of the Ukraine in your country before you travel.

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